The Basilica of Light in Vezelay

Basilique Sainte Marie Madelaine de Vezelay

Basilique Sainte Marie Madelaine de Vezelay

One of the best things about traveling is the making of new friends. Our friend Sarah from Guédelon introduced us to her friend Christopher at La Maison du Visiteur Vezelay (translates to the House for Visitors). Christopher was the most gracious guide sharing the story of the miracle of light that the Basilique Sainte Marie Madeleine de Vézelay displays throughout the year.

Built by Benedictine monks in the 12th Century, this building, like many others from ancient times, was purposely built in perfect alignment with the sun to create a masterful rendering of light throughout the year. The apex of this show happens every year at the Feast of John the Baptist when at 12:00 noon the cosmic alignment is revealed via a path of light down the center of the nave with incredible precision. “The heavens declare the glory of God and the work of his hands the firmament proclaims” (Psalm 18, 2). “

We would like to thank Christopher for all the grace and information he shared with us.  We will share the rest of the story in the fall when La Culture du Vin’s first season is completed with your help.

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Much love to all & many thanks to Chris in Vezelay for his hospitality!

Troy & Karen