Roses of Saint Andelaine

Roses of Saint Andelain
It is hard to know what is more beloved in France, wine or flowers. Both are found in abundance throughout the country. Cities adorn their bridges with baskets overflowing with carefully crafted arrangements, homes take great pride in their flower gardens, and streets are often found adorned with giant pots bursting with color. It makes for gorgeous scenery every where you look and is of course a photographer’s dream.

We are shooting mostly HD video on this trip and are finding not so many stills in our downloaded folders. Saint Andelain is a town with a church, a few homes, and a gorgeous chateau belonging to the heir of the Ladoucette family which has had their estate for over 2 centuries producing wine in the Nievre department of Bourgogne. Perhaps one day we hope to have the privilege to bring you the story of their family and chateau as well.

What we can share with you is the story of Roses and Vines. Roses have a very special relationship with vineyards throughout France. You will often find a lovely rose bush growing at the end of every 10th row of vines fulfilling a very special purpose in viticulture beyond mere decoration. Of course we cannot let this great story out here or you would have no reason to watch us in the Fall!

We picked up our Porsche Panamera today thanks to a very special anonymous supporter. Of course we had to take it for a spin by the Eiffel Tower and up the Champs Elysees with a cam mounted to the windshield. Tomorrow we pick up our producer Gary Steele from CDG and head straight to the Marne Valley to film our first spot with the Champagne houses of Lete Vautrain and Baron Fuenté. Let the tasting begin!

Again – many thanks to all for your love and support – especially to all of our wonderful backers!

Much Love

Troy & Karen