Lunch with Lete Vautrain And Baron Fuente

Baron Fuente
The schedule has been fast and furious with a crew of 3 doing the work of 6 at every stop. We are at the interview phase moving rapidly through Champagne. Here we are in the lovely village of Charly Sur Marne with our new friends Eric and Ignace from the houses of Baron Fuente and Lete Vautrain.

We had an incredible lunch and pairings with several of their offerings tickling the taste buds and delighting all of the senses. Much was learned and the champagnes were phenomenal. The interview with Eric brought out something we had come up as a recurring theme, a great appreciation for the US Armed Forces and Americans in general. It seems that in both World Wars, in different areas of the Champagne region, American forces played significant roles in the defense and liberation of specific towns and villages. War memorials, cemeteries and battlefields are honored and the people still hold great warmth in their hearts for our country’s help in defending their homelands. All of this is of course in step with the commemoration of D-Day and an equally significant Battle of Belleau Wood from the first great war.

These are the stories we will be able to deliver with your help. Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support!

Troy & Karen