Why did La Culture du Vin choose a Rewards Based Crowd Funding model?

The creators of La Culture du Vin are seasoned entrepreneurs experienced in raising capital through Private Placement Memorandums and understand the risks undertaken by the entrepreneur and the investor in these types of equity campaigns. Research shows that startup television productions have a higher risk of failing to produce profits than most other business ventures because the costs of production are so high. The added expense of overseas production makes the model even more challenging for profits to be recognized that could be shared among a group of investors. Because the creators appreciate every person who contributes to making this production a reality they do not want to create a situation where they could disappoint someone who believes in this project enough to help fund it. This is why they have used their experience in sourcing and creating unique products people will appreciate in exchange for a donation to help fund the production. It is a fair and legal exchange of product for currency with no opportunity for disappointment. Donate to fund the production of La Culture du Vin and receive a unique product or experience you likely cannot find anywhere else. It is a win – win – win crowd funding campaign!