At Home in Les Roches

Chateau Les Roches

Chateau Les Roches

The trip has been a whirlwind of flavors and aromas, sights, and incredible people. It is now Sunday and with only 3 days left on the ground its hard to believe we are nearing the end of the trip. Our hosts for Friday were Marco and Tobias, owners of the lovely Burgundian B&B, Les Rosches.

Les Rosches was constructed in the early 1900’s as a home for a Judge’s mistress. The lovely chateau has been carefully restored and decorated by the owners and the main focus, besides relaxation, is definitely service. Tobias is originally from the states and Marco a native of Cologne, Germany.

They gave up the corporate grind to settle on this lovely mountain top in the middle of the Burgundian countryside. It is a location that serves guests primarily in English with an emphasis on world class service. Attention to the details is a specialty and Marco is amazing at preparing the day’s meals with flair and creativity. The meals we shared at this lovely chateau were as wonderful as the views of the Burgundian countryside it overlooks.

This lovely B&B has only room for a hand full of guests and books up early. You can find their website at for more information. Tell them you are part of La Culture!

Much Love!

Troy & Karen

Lunch with Lete Vautrain And Baron Fuente

Baron Fuente
The schedule has been fast and furious with a crew of 3 doing the work of 6 at every stop. We are at the interview phase moving rapidly through Champagne. Here we are in the lovely village of Charly Sur Marne with our new friends Eric and Ignace from the houses of Baron Fuente and Lete Vautrain.

We had an incredible lunch and pairings with several of their offerings tickling the taste buds and delighting all of the senses. Much was learned and the champagnes were phenomenal. The interview with Eric brought out something we had come up as a recurring theme, a great appreciation for the US Armed Forces and Americans in general. It seems that in both World Wars, in different areas of the Champagne region, American forces played significant roles in the defense and liberation of specific towns and villages. War memorials, cemeteries and battlefields are honored and the people still hold great warmth in their hearts for our country’s help in defending their homelands. All of this is of course in step with the commemoration of D-Day and an equally significant Battle of Belleau Wood from the first great war.

These are the stories we will be able to deliver with your help. Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support!

Troy & Karen

Roses of Saint Andelaine

Roses of Saint Andelain
It is hard to know what is more beloved in France, wine or flowers. Both are found in abundance throughout the country. Cities adorn their bridges with baskets overflowing with carefully crafted arrangements, homes take great pride in their flower gardens, and streets are often found adorned with giant pots bursting with color. It makes for gorgeous scenery every where you look and is of course a photographer’s dream.

We are shooting mostly HD video on this trip and are finding not so many stills in our downloaded folders. Saint Andelain is a town with a church, a few homes, and a gorgeous chateau belonging to the heir of the Ladoucette family which has had their estate for over 2 centuries producing wine in the Nievre department of Bourgogne. Perhaps one day we hope to have the privilege to bring you the story of their family and chateau as well.

What we can share with you is the story of Roses and Vines. Roses have a very special relationship with vineyards throughout France. You will often find a lovely rose bush growing at the end of every 10th row of vines fulfilling a very special purpose in viticulture beyond mere decoration. Of course we cannot let this great story out here or you would have no reason to watch us in the Fall!

We picked up our Porsche Panamera today thanks to a very special anonymous supporter. Of course we had to take it for a spin by the Eiffel Tower and up the Champs Elysees with a cam mounted to the windshield. Tomorrow we pick up our producer Gary Steele from CDG and head straight to the Marne Valley to film our first spot with the Champagne houses of Lete Vautrain and Baron Fuenté. Let the tasting begin!

Again – many thanks to all for your love and support – especially to all of our wonderful backers!

Much Love

Troy & Karen

The Basilica of Light in Vezelay

Basilique Sainte Marie Madelaine de Vezelay

Basilique Sainte Marie Madelaine de Vezelay

One of the best things about traveling is the making of new friends. Our friend Sarah from Guédelon introduced us to her friend Christopher at La Maison du Visiteur Vezelay (translates to the House for Visitors). Christopher was the most gracious guide sharing the story of the miracle of light that the Basilique Sainte Marie Madeleine de Vézelay displays throughout the year.

Built by Benedictine monks in the 12th Century, this building, like many others from ancient times, was purposely built in perfect alignment with the sun to create a masterful rendering of light throughout the year. The apex of this show happens every year at the Feast of John the Baptist when at 12:00 noon the cosmic alignment is revealed via a path of light down the center of the nave with incredible precision. “The heavens declare the glory of God and the work of his hands the firmament proclaims” (Psalm 18, 2). “

We would like to thank Christopher for all the grace and information he shared with us.  We will share the rest of the story in the fall when La Culture du Vin’s first season is completed with your help.

We would like to thank everyone again for sharing our posts on facebook and finding value in the rewards we are offering through our kickstarter campaign. If we can answer any questions on anything please do not hesitate to contact us!

Much love to all & many thanks to Chris in Vezelay for his hospitality!

Troy & Karen


Medieval Magic in a Modern World



Today we had an incredible experience with the most amazing hostess Sarah Preston. She welcomed us to the magical estate of Guédelon, a medieval castle being built in a modern world with only the medieval tools and methods of the 13th century.

We learned that we are not the only folks interested in the site. BBC has been there for weeks filming a 5 episode series on the project using some of the same equipment as we are using!

The site has all the necessary crafts and stone quarry on site and is 17 years into their construction. Please consider becoming a backer of La Culture du Vin today so we can make sure we have this episode ready to air in September!

As always many thanks to everyone for all the love, facebook shares and especially to our backers – Thank you for your financial support!

So much love to all!

Troy & Karen

Loving it all in Chablis!

Chablis Vignobles Bourgogne

Chablis Vignobles Bourgogne

Today we are in the area of Bourgogne surrounding Chablis. The trip started with usual challenges: forgetting to tell Wells Fargo I needed my card activated for use in France, 3 hours lost attempting to get a sim card, and blowing up the hotels fusebox followed by tech difficulties with my video editing software. This means no video blog for today. As they say, c’est la vie!

The sun sets very late here (9:53) and we did not arrive at our hotel until after sunset at 10:30 pm. We shot this image in a vineyard just across from the village Chablis. If you like it make any donation of $10 or more for a chance to win the #1 first edition print on gallery wrapped canvas in a size of 20×30 worth $900. All backers dated since we departed (June 3rd) through when we return (June 18) are eligible to win! Winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

And just as we expected, the stories here write themselves. We booked a hotel in Tonnerre to follow some travel advice of our sponsor Perrine of Perrine’s wine shop. Over a glass of local wine with the hotel owner we discover we are staying in the home of Perrine’s grand mother. For the whole story you must wait until the fall!

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Thanks to everyone for all of the love and support.

Peachtree Rd Farmers Market

Join us on a trip to the Peachtree Rd Farmers Market located in the heart of Buckhead in the Cathedral of St Phillips parking lot at Peachtree near West Wesley. Every Saturday come check out farm fresh produce and carefully crafted foods and products all made or raised by the folks selling them. You can learn more at

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